NY Millennials

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The Mills' Vibes in Four Parts

Gay People

The Mills claim to be the Gayest Team in Blaseball™️. While gayness is not a requirement to be a fan of the team, always try to remember that other members of this community may have lived experiences which are different from your own. It is all of our responsibility to help create a space welcoming and safe for all fans regardless of gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, mental illness, neurotype, physical appearance, body, age, race, ethnicity, nationality, language, or religion. The Mills community has no tolerance for bigotry. Be respectful, keep it clean (the Discord is a PG-13 space,) and most importantly remember We Are All Love Blaseball.

Winning (Sometimes)

The Millennials are a perfectly solid blaseball team. Following back-to-back second place finishes in seasons 3 and 4 we've experienced a series of ups and downs with a mixture of playoff and partytime appearances. If we start losing early on, some fans might start rooting for us to lose more and make it to #partytime sooner, when we can no longer make the playoffs but can potentially receive stat buffs. Some Mills fans care a lot about winning, some care about specific players doing well, some are just here to have a good time. All are equally valid ways to participate in the cultural event of blaseball.

Side Hustles

Just because we hate capitalism doesn't mean we can't want money. All Millennials players are contractually required to have a side hustle and many fans embrace that entrepreneurial spirit as well. The official party line is Always Bet Da Mills Blaby but if you're looking for deeper betting and idoling strategies we have plenty of seasoned experts who are more than happy to share money-making tips. The Mills discord has channels with even more detailed strategy as well as easy to follow recommendations to help you achieve number go up!


The blaseball community is full of cool people and you should treat online blaseball spaces just like you would treat any other social space. We're your local splorts bar, a fun dinner party, and a chill hangout all in one. That means assume good faith from fellow fans, listen at least as much as you talk, and if issues do arise, give and receive criticism or feedback with grace and empathy. Respect the comfort and safety of mills fans like you would any of your friends! Spoiler things if requested, feel free to use tone tags when appropriate, and know  you can always reach out to a captain or keeper if you ever feel uncomfortable. Let's Go Mills Baby Love Da Mills!

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