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Our Players

All blaseball lore is collaborative and the developers encourage “a ‘Many Worlds’ interpretation...that leaves room for everyone.” Every respectful interpretation of a character is equally valid; there is no canon except what's on the blaseball website itself. Below are some of the most common character basics which you can use as building blocks, springboards to bounce off of, or ignore in favor of an entirely new vision!


as of end of Expansion Era

in addition to weekly Election trades, there were two Ballpark modifications which could alter our roster over the course of a week. If a pitcher gave up more than ten runs during a home game, the Fax Machine would swap them out for the best pitcher from our inactive players (the Shadows.) If we got shut out at home, the batter with the lowest star rating would be swapped out with the best batter from the shadows.


Andrew Solis


A regular person from a strange dimension where he played something called "baseball" until he was recruited (through a wormhole) to play for the Houston Spies. A loveable disaster.

Thomas Dracaena

he/him  ~ "DRAC ATTAC!"

A normal, non-bloodthirsty human. Definitely not a vampire.

Conrad Vaughn


Adult Dilsney Fan and makeup vlogger, Conrad kept a ghostly connection with Scrap Murphy after his incineration.

Patty Fox


A professional chef whose pre-game ritual is "fist-fighting the sea." In season 8 Patty pitched the first recorded Perfect Game, finding the 9-Blood Blagonball.

Mullen Peterson


Black butch engineer and trade school attendee. Mullen Of All Trades.

Greer Gwiffin


Divorced dad and co-host of the "Steely Dads" podcast. Were-owl.

Schneider Bendie

they/them ~ "F#$% CAPITALISM, STEAL HOME"

Non-binary Jewish punk and anarchist, member of a DIY band called "The Base Stealerz."

Sandie Turner


Red-hot genderfluid merfolk. Ey found the 3-Blood Blagonball after stealing second, then third, then home.


Evelton McBlase II

Roamin' clone of Hawaii Fridays player Evelton Mcblase, Eve transed her gender (good for her!) A cartoonishly evil scientist whose "evil" is usually fairly innocuous.

Anathema Elemefayo


Bigender gorgon streamer and strikeout queen.

Beck Whitney


Former captain of the Boston Flowers, has since played for the Miami Dale and Hawaii Fridays. A vampire.

Sandie Carver


Former theater kid from Kansas City with dreams of performing on the big stage. And really isn't all the world a stage?

Theodore Cervantes

it/its ~ "GET CERVED"

"Teddy," a former aspiring novelist now with the soul of a literal pitching machine. It is always striving to accelerate blaseballs to terminal velocity.


Currently this is only players who have seen active play. Some of our shadows are unlikely to play but still have possible lore. Feel free to ask around about them in the Discord!

Charlatan Seabright


Trans half-ghost pirate, still trying to prove herself after replacing beloved team captain Dominic Marijuana. Swapped into the shadows.

Oscar Vaughan


Dr. Oscar Vaughan, DDS is a dentist from the material plane who enjoys gardening with his husband. Currently Shadowed.

Nandy Fantastic


Harpy wrestler turned magician with a natural talent and a love for the spotlight. First Born from the Field of Eggs (we don't know if that means anything either.)

Albert Stink


Albert has spent most of its life in the shadows, with only a brief stint pitching after being swapped in by a Fax Machine in season 17. He might be a stink bug.

Pitching Machine


Known almost exclusively as "Lil Pitchy," it was added to the roster when a Fax Machine swap meant that all of our active pitchers were "Elsewhere" and unable to pitch. Pitchy gave up ten runs in its very first game and was sent to the shadows in exchange for Teddy Cerv, who also quickly became Pitchy's parental figure.