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Want More?

Blaseball is big and weird and there's no one right way to experience it or learn about it. The best thing to do is just start watching games on the website then jump into the discord and start talking to people. If you need a little more guidance, here are some tips and links you can click on depending on what you're most interested in.

Press About Blaseball's Return

Recent write-ups and interviews with Blaseball's creators about what to expect when Blaseball comes back.



Blaseball In General (Potentially Depracated)

Need more general info on getting into the splort from it's first two eras? Check out:



Big Picture Plot and Events

Blaseball: the story so far is long and wild. Here are some recaps:


The Players

Want to get involved in storytelling about the players themselves?


  • The Wiki has more in-depth bios of Mills players and much more, though is far from definitive or exhaustive.
  • Mills Twitter RP accounts are only one interpretation of the characters but can be a fun way to follow your fave players.
  • Fanlore channels in the main discord and Millennials server are great places to discuss and ask questions!

Numbers and Stlats

Okay, nerd. You want to see the numbers go up and/or do data crimes.


  • SIBR. The Society for Internet Blaseball Research has countless projects and tools for basically any sort of number nonsense your heart could desire.
  • The inside blaseball channels in the Mills server are also great spots to discuss team-specific stats and money-making strategies.