NY Millennials

youth will save us

image by Andrea Streeter


LGMBLDM means Let's Go Mills Baby Love Da Mills

Whose House? Not ours, we rent! It's like the sports thing! But homeownership? In this economy?

Battin' Island is the Millennials' stadium. It is the fifth borough, floating high above the rest of the city. Any time you see a door, in the back of a bodega perhaps, or walking along the street, and you don't know where it goes there is a 67% chance that door leads to Battin' Island.

A BLAPP is a hit, especially a home run. The Mills are good at blapps. We wish they would get better at baserunning and defense.

GM GM means Good Morning, Good Millennials. It's nice.

Ban Ground is a rallying cry to do just what it says: ban the ground. Science has shown that we would hit considerably fewer ground outs if there was simply no ground. Also the ground might be colluding with our rivals, the Boston Flowers. More data is needed.

Millie the cat is our official unofficial mascot. She is infinitely long and lives in every  bodega at once.

The Millennials claim to be the Gayest Team in Blaseball. Some other teams contest this assertion; they may also be very gay, but only the Charleston Shoe Thieves have ever challenged us to a game of rlock, plaper, sclissors about it– and they lost. 

When a blaseball team wins three championships they Ascend (or at least they used to.) The Mills have two second place finishes and many believe that when we get our third we will finally Bscend.

Thomas Dracaena hit a ground out to Edric Tosser is a thing that happened one time in the playoffs, and then the website froze and the game log displayed that event for like twenty minutes, so now it's a meme.

The voting guide comes out every week and recommends which blessings and decrees will be most helpful for the Millennials as a team. It comes out on Saturday. Everybody always wants to know where/when the voting guide is. It comes out on Saturday.

The Mills have a Blittle League team called GenerationZ, comprised of youth players and janitors from other teams' blaseball stadiums.

All Millennials players are contractually obligated to live together in The Apartment. It was originally a two bedroom but with some creative use of flex-walls and pocket dimensions  it's actually quite spacious.

Arcane Time is a new  system of time the Mills made up in our discord server. It's very silly and has its own separate explanatory website at arcaneti.me

image by Lazaretto