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Our Players

All blaseball lore is collaborative and the developers encourage “a ‘Many Worlds’ interpretation...that leaves room for everyone.” Every respectful interpretation of a character is equally valid; there is no canon except what's on the blaseball website itself. Below are some of the most common character basics which you can use as building blocks, springboards to bounce off of, or ignore in favor of an entirely new vision!


Scrap Murphy

he/him ~ Released

Former Dilsney imagineer, Scrap's ghost haunted Conrad until Season 10 Day X when he was called onto the Hall Stars following Sebastian Telephone's second incineration, likely saving the team.

Mclaughlin Scorpler

they/them ~ Deceased

The mayhem, the myth, the multitude(s of scorpions). Traded to the Hades Tigers after season 3, the third victim of Ruby Tuesday.

Alyssa Harrell


Technically non-existent blaseball player traded from the Hades Tigers. Feedbacked to the Yellowstone Magic, played for the Hawaii Fridays and the Baltimore Crabs. Redacted then attracted back to the Fridays.

Richardson Games


Wealthy asshole with a heart of gold, or something else equally expensive. Feedbacked to the Charleston Shoe Thieves where they scored the first run against the Peanut God.

Valentine Games

any ~ Legendary

Former Baltimore Crab and Jazz Hand with the soul of a poet, we hardly knew them before they were feedbacked to the Houston Spies. Currently Legendary.

Wesley Dudley

he/him ~ Deceased

Kind-hearted blaseball player and twitch streamer who got incredibly muscular when he merged with his Alternate Reality version.

Dominic Marijuana

he/him ~ Released

Good natured and easygoing former captain of the Mills. Incinerated then drafted onto the Hall Stars; he struck the killing blow against the Peanut.

Bates Bentley

he/him ~ "CLOSE THE BATES"

A retired Soundcloud rapper, Bates used to be a pitcher until a blessing swapped him into the lineup at the end of Season 6. He is also a mai tai. Feedbacked to the Hawaii Fridays.

Alejandro Leaf


Pitcher plant pitcher formerly of the Unlimited Tacos and THE SHELLED ONE’S PODS, eco-activist. Revoked and roamed to the Tokyo Lift.



A posthuman anomaly formerly known as Wyatt Mason, NaN has a connection with The Microphone, receiving heartening messages but also more susceptible to Feedback as they journey throughout the league. Currently on the SF Lovers.

Mags Banananana


Middle-aged, muscular Brazilian woman who roamed over from the Chicago Firefighters. Exchanged with the Wild Wings for Mullen Peterson

Ren Hunter

she/her ~ "THE REN IS DUE"

The largest woman in blaseball. Intimidating at first glance due to her size and quiet nature but is a down-to-earth individual with a good heart. Former Shoe Thief; enjoys intricate crafts.  Was redacted and attracted to the Shoe Thieves shadows, currently on the Pies.

Peanut Holloway


Invisible scientist full of peanuts and other objects. Honey-roasted and mild mannered. Redacted and attracted to the Pies shadows.

Uncle Plasma


Hard-boiled detective and pitcher, first seen playing for BC Noir in the Coffee Cup. Stolen by the Breath Mints while investigating their own shadows.

Penelope Mathews

she/her ~ "LUCKY PENNY"

Magma elemental formerly of the Yellowstone Magic. Pronounced like "antelope." Sent to The Garages in exchange for Chorby.

Chorby Soul

they/them ~ Legendary

A well-meaning player who mostly decided what to do based on whether the crowd would yell "Chorby Yes!" or "Chorby No!" at them. Sacrificed themself to save Dominic Marijuana, now we say "Chorby Bless." Necromanced by the Seattle Garages and plundered back home to the Mills where they were incinerated a second time. Re-necromanced by the Crabs, incinerated again in Game One of Season 17. Currently Legendary.

Winnie Mccall

she/they ~ deceased

A bubblegum enthusiast with a podcast called “Chewing It.” Accidentally joined the Mills while looking for the F train. 

Glabe Moon


Shapeshifter (often a dragon) and master thief. Never without her half-moon sunglasses or a cup of tea. Traded back to the Boston Flowers.

Felix Garbage

he/him ~ "GARBAGE DAY"

Doctor of physics, well known for his innovative double-leg-lift pitching technique. Traded to the LA Unlimited Tacos.

Fynn Doyle


Not much is known about Fynn, though it is speculated that she ████████████ ███████  however ██ ███████ and █████████ have not been confirmed. Feedbacked to the Kansas City Breath Mints.

Chorby Short


Magical frog atracted to our shadows after being redacted from the Yellowstone Magic. Traded to the Boston Flowers.

Hatfield Suzuki


Japanese-American tattoo artist with a gift for inking the future. Recruited to the Hades Tigers (twice) by a blessing.

Kichiro Guerra


Former Lover (and Worm), perpetual fighter. Learning how to re-embrace her bubbly, adventurous side in New York after the death of her fiance Allison Abbot. Traded back to the Worms.

Castillo Turner


Loveable cactus pitcher. Traded back to the Flowers and stolen into the Garages shadows.

Mikan Hammer

No Pronouns

Mikan Hammer is a blacksmith god whose physical form is that of a tall and heavyset humanoid citrus fruit. Traded to the Jazz Hands.

Munro Tumblehome


Lesbian skeleton cab driver, stolen from our shadows by the Yellowstone Magic's Phantom Thieves Guild.

Wyatt Mason IX


This alternate version of Wyatt Mason appeared when our ballpark gained the Psychoaccoustics modification. Best known as "Nines," they were believed to come from an alternate New York but after only a few games they echoed into static playing another alternate Wyatt.

Agan Espinoza


A Legendary Fire Protector from pre-history, Agan fell to our roster after the Semi-Centennial exhibition game. After several consumer attacks, xe were redacted and attracted to the Chicago Firefighters.